Player Ratings: Costa Rica 3-1 USA

Costa Rica handily crushed the USA in World Cup qualifying by a score of 3-1.'s Zac Lee Rigg rates the performances on show, from the sublime to just plain slime.
Costa Rica:

Keylor Navas 6
Boring day at the office for the youngster. Aside from a penalty late in the match, Navas had very little to do aside from enjoy watching his team outclass the opponents.

Harold Wallace 7
Got forward well to link up with Herron on the right without ever betraying the team's defensive shape. A solid and composed showing. He can be slightly disappointed to have been pulled out of the match so early.

Michael Umana 7
Stepped up when needed to intercept the ball. Always comfortable in the backline, even during set pieces, usually the USA's best offensive weapon.

Freddy Fernandez 6
That he wasn't involved in the match a great deal won't concern him or his coach. His midfield and defensive partners hardly left him anything to clean up.

Junior Diaz 7
Was sparkling down the left flank all match. Tortured Wynne in offensive positions and shut down Dempsey rather emphatically throughout the match. Gave up a late, but inconsequential, penalty.

Andy Herron 7
Withdrawn to the right flank, Herron held the midfield shape well and was incisive from his flank. His runs and distribution were an effective offensive threat.

Celso Borges 8
Only 20 years old, Borges dominated the battle against a three-man USA midfield. His late runs into the box caused turmoil, and his well taken 12th minute shot effectively sealed the game.

Walter Centero 7
Absolutely vital to making this Costa Rica team click. Kept it simple in the midfield, knocked the ball around to build fluid motion, and hardly ever gave up the ball.

Esteban Sirias 7
Provided quality crosses from the left. Tucked in tight in the midfield so that no space was given away, but whenever he did peel off to join the attack, good things happened for the Ticos.

Bryan Ruiz 8
Languid and fluid on the ball, Ruiz seemed to waltz through American defenders. He drifted smoothly from side to side, linking up with overlapping players and finding the perfect passes.

Alvaro Saborio 7
The target man in the Ticos formation, Saborio did what was asked of him: score a goal. Perhaps should have done better with some later chances, but his curler in the second minute of play was sublime.


Pablo Herrera 7

Didn't look to be offering anything Wallace couldn't on the right and picked up a silly yellow card before exploding down the touchline and cutting in to score Costa Rica's third goal. His well-taken drive added insult to injury.

Christian Bolanos N/A
Carlos Hernandez 7

United States:

Tim Howard 5
Between conceding three rather well-taken goals, Howard did string together quite a few fine saves. The scoreline could have looked much worse if not for the Everton man.

Marvell Wynne 4's Kyle McCarthy: “Wynne looked like a turnstile on goal number two.” He didn't look much better the rest of the game either. Out of his depth.

Oguchi Onyewu 5
Won the consolation penalty. Spent most of the game trying to recover for Wynne's mistakes, and not doing an especially good job of it.

Carlos Bocanegra 4
Didn't organize his defense well at all. Sat back far too deep. Far too poor a performance to come from a team's captain let alone defensive organizer.

DaMarcus Beasley 3
This man is not a fullback. Gave away the ball for the first goal, gave away the ball generously thereafter, provided zilch to the attack, and was consistently out of position. Atrocious performance.

Michael Bradley 5
His yellow means he misses the next game, and judging by how much he faded in the San Jose heat, he might need the rest. A workmanlike effort that lacked overall quality.

Pablo Mastroeni 4
Brought in for his experience and defensive solidity, he provided neither. Partially at fault for the first goal and never got involved in the game, letting the Costa Rica attack run right through him.

Jose Torres 5
Aside from sharing the blame for the first goal with Mastroeni, Torres did well when on the ball. Seemed the only one interested in passing the ball to attackers in the first half, and should not have been the one yanked off at halftime.

Clint Dempsey 4
Anonymous. Offered nothing on either side of the ball and showed little desire to get involved. Spent most of the game drifting along the right flank away from play.

Jozy Altidore 5
Isolated up top, the youngster kept having to drop deeper and deeper to get involved with play. At least showed some heart, but could do very little with it. A tough game for the youngster.

Landon Donovan 5
Showed up as the game wore on and notched the team's only goal. His set piece distribution was woefully lacking, and he disappeared for large chunks of the game.


Sacha Kljestan 5

Picked up a silly yellow which rules him out of Saturday's game. Looked decent on the ball, but didn't demand possession enough.

Freddy Adu 5
His injection into the game let the USA team slow down play on the ball and look at options, but Adu lacked the cutting edge in the final third to bring about any real chances.

Charlie Davies 5
Helped win the penalty and his direct play was a boost to the battered squad, but it also looked like he purposefully kicked Diaz in the groin. That's unacceptable, no matter how much your team has been outplayed.

Zac Lee Rigg,

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