'You don’t know soccer, you are uneducated people’ – former Yanga SC coach Eymael on Tanzanians

Luc Eymael of Yanga SC and Boniface Mkwasa.
Yanga SC.
The tactician is alleged to have made the statements after a mid-week match before Timu Ya Wananchi decided to sack him

Coach Luc Eymael’s comments that sealed his fate as Yanga SC head coach have been revealed.

In a voice message obtained by Goal, the Belgian coach has pointed out numerous issues he claims made his time in Tanzania unbearable.

Yanga confirmed they had released the former Polokwane City coach after his comments following a 1-1 draw with Mtibwa Sugar last Wednesday, ahead of the final match of the season against Lipuli FC.

“My brother this place is not for me, playing in such pitches so bad pitches of a level of seventh or eighth division in Europe is not for me,” Eymael is captured as saying.

“With fans who are only shouting and are not able to invade the pitch to beat the officiating man and change things is not for me. You know if officiating were always against us and is only favouring Simba SC and not giving us even a clear penalty and things like that is not for me.

“Changing rooms too is not for me. I would prefer that they release me, let me just do my last game and let me go.”

The former AFC Leopards coach did not spare the larger Tanzanian public in his rant as he complained about conditions in the country.

“I am not enjoying your country [Tanzania], you are uneducated people. I don’t have a car, what is that? I do not have Wifi and I do not have the DSTV. No! No! No!” he added.

“Working in this condition is not for me, my man.

“My wife is absolutely not enjoying here and this is disgusting to me. I am disgusted. The only pleasure that I have is the pitches are always full when we are playing, full of our fans but these fans do not know anything about soccer.”

The former Black Leopards tactician also hit at the fans for their reaction during their Wednesday match against Mtibwa Sugar that ended in a 1-1 draw

“This striker [David] Molinga did not win any ball, did not make one run and did not bring any danger,” he added. “I had put [Gnamien] Yikpe on the wing then I put Yikpe as a striker and he gave us runs and efforts and the fans were shouting at him and wanted me to take Yikpe out.

“The time when I took one holding midfielder out to put a second striker they did not understand. There is pettiness in this country.

“The fans can only shout and are like monkeys who are barking ‘babababa’. They can only do that. They do not know anything about soccer.

“The soccer is very poor when you are playing away games and the pitch is like that, the officiating is against you and all the things. It is not for me, it is not for me.”

The Belgian also claimed Yanga, the record Mainland Premier League champions with 27 titles, are not going to win them again given their state of organisation and went further to claim Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) is a biased body.

The federation has already stated they will report Eymael to Fifa for action.

“I said to the sponsor [GSM] again that ‘please, please my men, please release me. It is better!’” Eymael concluded.

“Do your own things and you cannot be able to win the league because you are not an organised team, you are not an organised club and the officiating is always against you because you are a poor club.

“Then you wait for the federation and the federation is only for Simba. It is not for us, so you have to release me.

“I do not want to stay here.”

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Eymael joined Yanga in January 2020 to replace Mwinyi Zahera.