Watch: Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson volunteers for Taekwondo champion's bottle challenge

Alisson bottle challenge

Liverpool keeper Alisson Becker had a fun session in Thailand before getting back to serious business, taking on a Taekwondo champion's potentially dangerous bottle challenge. The Reds are set to take on Manchester United in a friendly on Tuesday at the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok as part of their pre-season preparations and before that, a few Liverpool players spent some light-hearted moments at a promotional event.

The keeper, along with teammates Thiago Alacantara and Andrew Roberston were shown how to kick, not a football, but a water bottle at a height of more than 190 cm.

What did Alisson's bottle challenge involve?

Alisson also volunteered to take part in a fun activity with Thailand's Olympic gold medallist Panipak Wongpattanakit.

The keeper had a bottle placed on his head which Wongpattanakit had to knock down.

Alisson did not move an inch during the activity in order to minimize the risk of being kicked in the face.

Watch: Alisson volunteer for a Taekwondo bottle challenge

The Liverpool keeper is 191 cm tall. It is no mean feat to knock down a bottle from such height, especially for someone who is just 173 cm.

However, it was a cakewalk for the Olympic champion, Wongpattanakit, who managed to accomplish the task quite comfortably on the second attempt.

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