WATCH: Goal+ and Samsung - Taking live football to another level on your TV

No longer will you need to keep looking down at your phone during games - just swipe all the information you need right onto your TV screen!

Sometimes you just need to know more than the average football fan.

Television coverage caters for the masses, you see, which invariably leaves a large portion of the game’s most devoted followers needing that little bit more.

Well, Goal and Samsung are here to provide exactly that, taking your football viewing experience to the next level with the Goal+ app.

And we’ll do it with you barely having to take your eyes off the screen. Because the Goal+ app also comes to life across your other Samsung devices, such as the QLED Smart TV. 

When the football hits your screen, pair the app with your QLED Smart TV to see live stats overlays as you watch the action in stunning picture quality. 

So get ahead of the game, and consume football the way you want to with Goal+ and Samsung.

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