Vipers SC, SC Villa and Ugandan clubs celebrate return of football

URA FC of Uganda Premier League.
The country's head of state has officially confirmed sporting activities will be allowed to return but without spectators

Ugandan Premier League (UPL) clubs have taken to social media to welcome the decision by the government to allow the return of football after six months in the cold.

On Sunday, during his address to the nation, President Yoweri Museveni reopened the sporting activities but without spectators, and also asked organisers to test players for Covid-19 72 hours before any match.

“Open-air activities of sports will be open, provided there are no spectators,” said Museveni from State House Entebbe. “We must learn to have games without spectators and players should be tested 72 hours before the games.”

Museveni added: “Players should learn to remain quarantined for the period of the games.”

Like many East African nations and across the world, Uganda moved to ban all its social gatherings and sporting activities immediately after the coronavirus pandemic struck the country in mid-March.

Football was not spared either as the Ugandan Premier League (UPL) was halted for some weeks before it was prematurely ended and the Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa) moved to award the league title to Vipers SC, who were sitting top at the time the league was suspended.

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Vipers and record league winners SC Villa have led Ugandan clubs to celebrate the news on social media.

Below is how several clubs reacted to the news.