VIDEO: Mean defences and sharp shooters - The Evolution of World Cup Goalscoring

The World Cup has seen much fluctuation in the amount of goals scored per game over the years; will attackers rule the roost in Russia?

The World Cup is widely viewed as the greatest sporting event on earth, but scoring in the tournament has been a wildly up-and-down matter. 

The 1982 World Cup in Spain averaged a healthy 2.81 goals per game, but that number fell to 2.54 in Mexico '86 before decreasing to just 2.21 during Italia '90. 

USA '94 saw an improvement as the average rose considerably to 2.71, no doubt influenced by the sweltering climates players had to contend with, resulting in more open affairs. But defences grew meaner again from 1998-2010. 

The Evolution of World Cup Goalscoring

How scoring has fluctuated at World Cups 👇 Are we headed for a goal fest in Russia?

Posted by on Monday, 11 June 2018

The tournament in South Africa matched Italy for its low scoring, averaging 2.21 goals per game as Spain's tiki-taka approach reigned supreme. 

But Brazil 2014 provided the thrills and spills once again, capped astoundingly by Germany's utter destruction of the hosts at the Maracana. 

Supporters were treated to an average of 2.64 goals per game, a more than respectable figure bettered by the fact that an impressive 10.07% of shots were converted as the drama unfolded in Brazil. 

The efficiency of the world's sharp-shooters helped to provide a vast improvement on 2010, when only 7.93% of shots found the back of the net. 

FIFA World Cup goalscoring has evolved; will the evolution continue in 2018?