Uganda's Wasswa hits out at President Museveni, Fufa's Magogo after retirement


Retired midfielder Hassan Wasswa has hit out at Uganda President Yoweri Museveni over unfulfilled pledges made after their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations participation.

Wasswa is among the players that played at the Afcon finals in Egypt and have constantly reminded the head of state over the unfulfilled pledge of one million shillings.

"This is our government, they have promised us many things and they lie a lot," Wasswa said as was quoted by Sports Nation.

"We are used to our government. Life moves on. He [Museveni] promises many things but does not fulfil them. We need to go and get our own money, the promise has been here for two years and we need to move on.

"There are many mafias in the game like Tamale Mirundi always say, and my hope that we will get that pledge is at one, on a scale of 1-10."

The retired attacking midfielder also echoed sentiments made by his former teammate Mike Mutyaba. Mutyaba held a demonstration on Friday at Fufa's offices demanding payment of arrears he claims are outstanding before he was arrested by the police.

"I don’t know whether Mutyaba is talking about senior national team players or Chan players. I don’t have any clue about that, if he has any evidence about non-payments, it's something the federation should look into," Wasswa added.

"I am with Mutyaba on this and it's not good to disrespect such a former national team player, they should sit on the round table with Fufa and see how to go about it."

Recently, Fufa president Moses Magogo hit out at the Chan players who were demanding that their allowances be settled. Wasswa did not have kind words for the federation's chief over his remarks.

"Ugandans have a tendency of running out of situations," he continued.

"You know when things are moving badly, they shift blame elsewhere, so, Magogo came out and told people they played sh**ty football but he is the very person who appointed the technical team that summoned the players who played sh**ty football.

"I think Magogo should look into what he said and apologise. The players give 100% to the nation, it's a heavy jersey to put on. They leave their families back home to represent their country. When you talk about money, they brand you a bad person."

As he retired after serving the national team for 13 years, Wasswa named Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredejovic as the best coach he has ever worked with and Denis Onyango as the best teammate he served the national team with.  

"Micho taught me to be the person I am today, he always pushed me, he understood Ugandan players better than anyone else," he concluded. "He is one of the best coaches. 

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"He was aware of my physique and could deploy me anywhere. He could tell me to go and give them hell and die for my country.

"He [Onyango] is very exceptional, a leader. So humble off the field but Onyango will shout at you on the field because he wants the team to win."

Wasswa, 33, made his Uganda debut in 2006 and went on to play 75 matches for the Cecafa champions.