Tocantins votes for Chapecoense players in FIFA World XI ballot

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The Brazilian forward paid tribute to his fallen compatriots by selecting 11 of their players in his team of the year

Estoril striker Gustavo Tocantins has paid Chapecoense the ultimate tribute after the club was involved in a fatal airplane crash that killed 71 passengers.

Chapecoense's flight crashed on the way to Medellin for their Copa Sudamericana final with Atletico Nacional, leaving the football world devastated by the loss.

Heaven welcomes a team of champions

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Former Corinthians forward Tocantins was among many who paid tribute to the Brazilian club, and did so with a lovely gesture where he chose 11 Chapecoense players in his FIFA World XI.

Tocantins moved to Portugal from Brazil in June, but paid respect to his compatriots, writing on Instagram "Today I had to vote for the 11 best players in the world in 2016/ I had to put only 11 but my desire was to make this tribute to all Chapecoense players.

"In homage to my friends who died in this tragedy, I ask God for forgiveness for everything, and want him to prepare a special place in heaven for each one of you. All over the world are true heroes THIS IS MY TRIBUTE TO YOU MY CHAMPIONS. FOOTBALL IS NOT JUST A GAME."