Subahan disappointed that critics not giving the new national team a chance

The Malaysia team manager has come out to defend the selection of the team as well as the coach ahead of first qualifier next week

Dato' Sri Subahan Kamal has vented his frustration at the seemingly continuous chorus of dissatisfaction over the Malaysia national team.

The Deputy-President of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) as well as the President of the Football Association of Selangor (FAS) has lambasted the fans over their support, or rather the lack of it towards the new national team. 

Subahan has been appointed as the team manager of the national team once again having held the role with previous squads. In his view, the fans should take on a different view of the national team and should be supportive of a new beginning. 

"I see the Lebanon game as a tough one. I hope the critics understands that we at FAM, we have a new president who has taken a huge responsibility to be the head of the management of the national team. The role of HRH is not for himself but for all the Malaysian fans, to give pride back into the national team."

"The critics out there are only good at criticising. This is the time when they actually should throw their support for the new president. Rather than just criticising, they should give their support to the new president to make the changes. But such is the way it is, this is the syndrome that is happening in Malaysian football.

"I dare to speak because i've been one of the longest managers of the national team," said Subahan to reporters during Selangor's training session on Monday night.

Subahan went on to say that the new head coach Nelo Vingada is the right choice for the team and his methods are one that has been easily accepted by the players. 

"The choice of the president is correct and I don't doubt the quality of Nelo even though I've only been with him for a short time. He's a coach that has a lot of experience and he's the kind of approachable coach and players are comfortable with that." 

"We hope to win but we have to understand that this is our first game. But what is sure is that after this game, Nelo together with Tan will be around to look at matches and see which players can fit into the team.

"Success will not come immediately and we'll have to give the coach at least two years. In these two years, I'm confident that we'll see big changes and we can further improve the rankings that we are at now," added Subahan.

Subahan and Vingada opens their new partnership with the 2019 Asian Cup qualifier against Lebanon on 13 June and the match is scheduled to be played at Tan Sri Hj. Hassan Yunos Stadium.