Get stats-based bets for the Premier League, EFL Cup final and a 10/1 accumulator

The latest Soccerway betting guide covers Sunday's cup clash between Manchester United and Southampton but also features bets from all over the world

After another solid week of returns from the Soccerway betting guide, including six winning tips, the team behind the publication are hoping to land another batch of winners from this weekend's action and as usual, there's a huge variety of competitions being covered, reflecting the diverse range of data used by punters to identify their selections.

The best minds behind the stats-based site use the tools available to readers in order to compile research on head-to-head data, recent form, goal-time analysis and much more. If you're a regular football bettor then it's a valuable resource which is available free of charge to all members.

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Don't worry if you're registering after this point though, you can get a copy of the most recent guide direct from Soccerway. Simply log in using the link at the top of the page, click on your profile and there will be an option to download Edition 23 to help with your weekend study up.

There's a reduced Premier League calendar this week due to the EFL Cup final but there will be tips for several top flight games, courtesy of Opta's latest facts, as well as a look at the Manchester United v Southampton game at Wembley.


After falling just short of landing another accumulator last week, there's a 10/1 (11.0) stats-based five fold for those looking to land a big priced selection but also plenty of other value bets from matches in the Football League, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and beyond.

The ever-popular Anytime Angles column features picks at 13/10 (2.30), 11/8 (2.38) and 11/4 (3.75) and with a string of big prced winners in recent editions, there could well be some plentiful returns from this week's chosen players.

If any of this is of interest to you, why not register with Soccerway to see what's helping thousands of punters to improve their weekend betting research. With a total of 17 tips covering a myriad of angles and competitions, it's well worth reading and could provide some valuable insight into the upcoming fixtures.