‘Shaw didn’t show Sutton in the best light’ – Doswell

Wayne Shaw Sutton United 20022017
While the non-league side's 23-stone shot-stopper thrived in the spotlight, the manager did not necessarily have similar feelings

Sutton United boss Paul Doswell has said that goalkeeper Wayne Shaw did not show the club “in the best light” when he was caught on television eating a pie on the bench as his side lost 2-0 in the FA Cup to Arsenal.

'Wayne Shaw is a legend!'

The non-league outfit had attracted a great deal of publicity before the game, and in particular the 43-year-old 23-stone reserve goalkeeper caught much of the media spotlight.

One bookmaker even offered odds on the plus-sized shot-stopper to be caught eating a pie during the game, and his manager said he “assumed” that why the incident occurred.

“I don't think it shows us in the best light,” he admitted when quizzed over the occurrence.

“I think Wayne has become this global superstar on the back of being 23 stone. He's made that a chance to make some more media coverage off the back of it, the reality is I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me.”

While the cup run was historic for the club, the manager is looking forward to coming back to reality.

“As much as it's been great for the club it's not been the best three weeks in my life,' he confessed.
'It impeded everything I do. I've not been able to do a proper day of work. The social media world is not all it's cracked up to be. I'll be glad to get away from it personally and get back to my normal life.”

Lucas Perez scored in the first half for the Arsenal while Theo Walcott ensured the Gunners progressed to the quarter-finals with a goal in the second period, and they will now face another non-league side in the form of Lincoln.