'Why has there always got to be a motive?' - Rashford hits back after criticism over his endorsements

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Marcus Rashford Man Utd 2020-21Getty/Goal

Marcus Rashford took to social media to hit back at criticism regarding his personal endorsements, asking why people search for an ulterior motive when it comes to charity work.

Rashford has earned an MBE for his charitable efforts helping feed children in need throughout the last year-and-a-half. Because of that and his career with Manchester United and the national team, Rashford is one of the most recognisable athletes in England, and he says he shouldn't be criticised for using that recognition in ways that help himself and his community.

His comments came in anticipation of a feature story about him from The Spectator.

What did Rashford say?

"Just heard @spectator are planning to run a story on me tomorrow about how I have benefitted commercially in the last 18 months," Rashford tweeted. "To clarify, I don’t need to partner with brands. I partner because I want to progress the work I do off the pitch and most of any fee I would receive contributes to that.

"Last summer, 1.3M children had access to food support, through my relationship with Burberry children have a safe place to be after school where they will be fed, following the November investment vulnerable children have safe places to go this summer holiday, and due to my relationship with Macmillan 80,000 children now have a book to call their own.

"Do I have a larger commercial appeal following the u-turns? I’m sure. But I’m also a Manchester United and England international footballer. Why has there always got to be a motive? Why can’t we just do the right thing?"

Rashford's current situation

The Manchester United star is currently dealing with a shoulder injury, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saying it is still unclear if Rashford must undergo an operation this summer .

Rashford only recently finished his Euro 2020 campaign with England, where he was one of three Three Lions players to miss a penalty in the decisive shootout loss to Italy.

In the hours after, Rashford was subjected to racist abuse, including the defacing of a mural created to honour his work in the community.

But Rashford expressed his gratitude to the fans that traveled to his mural in order to leave messages of support and encouragement in the aftermath, saying he was "overwhelmed" by their backing.

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