Pushing new boundaries: adidas X-Ghosted


The adidas speed boot category has seen interesting developments since they formed the “X” brand, and they recently revealed the all-new X Ghosted, which is designed for the world’s quickest players.   

Providing the perfect push-off thanks to a sprint spike-style raised forefoot, X Ghosted equips players looking to redefine the boundaries of the speedster. Powered by carbon fibre forefoot plate innovation, and a unique translucent upper, the all-new silhouette both looks and feels fast.  

Its unique, ghost-like and semi see-through aesthetic visually represents the feeling it gives athletes. Further nods to speed come in the detail, with the three-stripe placement inspired by the wings of the peregrine falcon – the fastest creature on earth.  

Underfoot, there are a lot of changes. adidas have introduced carbitex speedframe – a dynamic carbon plate. This innovation was crafted via an open source approach and harnesses the extreme power and performance of carbon fiber but in a flexible form.   

X Ghosted is the first football boot available at scale with the integration of a dynamic carbon plate. The stud configuration is also improved and with a toe spring, allowing on-demand lineal bursts while also providing the support for explosive, agile movement. Goal takes a look at 2 of the boots from the pack!   

X GHosted On pitch 5

The adidas X-Ghosted+ has a Striking design and is Ultra Light!   

The new MirageSkin on the X-Ghosted+ feels almost rubber-like in texture and is an incredibly thin alternative to some of the other boots on the market. This boot is the closest to not wearing any boots at all, it really is that thin!  

No one likes blisters when playing Football! The 3d printed pads on the back of the heel are designed for ultimate comfort in such a light boot so this has been taken care of. The boots also come with a white mesh bag emblazoned with the adidas X signature – just in case you want to carry your boots around in style.   

Sick of your laces becoming undone in a game? Well don’t worry, adidas has you covered with the X-Ghosted + with their laceless design. Slip them on and get into the game.  

X GHosted On pitch 4

The adidas X-Ghosted.1 boot resembles the old but feels completely new!   

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If you want a little bit more protection for your feet during a game? Meet the adidas X-Ghosted.1 and their technologically advanced fluroskin. This ultra light boot is a different alternative to the + version of the boot with added laces, a thicker skin and a padded heel with extra material compared to the X-Ghosted+.    

The material is more pronounced, with all the individual grooves accounted for. The adidas stripes are also more defined on this boot, with a dark gold and almost black hue.  

Want to leave your opponent's chasing shadows? These boots also have the Adidas speed frame for increased speed on the sole of the boot. The speedframe has all the main characteristics as the + version of the boot, the colour theme on the + version is a more vibrant thermal style.