Praful Patel: Striving to make football in Asia a dominant force

AIFF Media
The Indian FA president is pleased that Qatar will be hosting the continent’s second ever World Cup…

Praful Patel, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) president, stated that India will play its part in ensuring that football in Asia becomes a dominant force in the next 10 years or so.

“As India prepares to host the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in October with a great deal of emphasis on legacy initiatives, we will look to further engage with friendly countries such as Qatar and strive to make football in Asia a dominant force on the world stage in the next decade,” he told

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy of 2022 World Cup has accepted  report by a third party auditor on the topic of workers’ welfare, which according to Patel is an important development.

“I have noted with great satisfaction that the SC has welcomed the recent positive report by its third party auditor on the matter of further improving working and living conditions of construction workers, many of whom are Indians, involved in building 2022 World Cup stadiums,” noted Patel.

“As AFC Senior Vice-President and AIFF President, I fully support the Qatar Football Association and Supreme Committee in their efforts to make the tournament a huge success. I am pleased that Qatar will be hosting Asia’s second ever World Cup in 2022 days in November 2022,” he mentioned.