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Melaka United v Selangor

PLAYER RATINGS: Melaka United vs Selangor

17:15 BST 08/08/2019
Faris Shah Ramli, Nazrin Nawi, Melaka United, Malaysia Cup, 08082019
Melaka United fell to a 1-0 defeat to Selangor at home in their matchday two Malaysia Cup Group D encounter, perhaps a little unfortunately.

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Melaka United fell to a 1-0 defeat to Selangor at home in their matchday two Malaysia Cup Group D match, perhaps a little unfortunately.



Solehin Mamat - 7/10

The goalkeeper again started in place of first choice Khairul Fahmi who was still injured, and despite doing well to keep out the visitors' attempts, was beaten by an unlucky own goal.

Wan Amirul Afiq - 6/10

A decent night out for the right back, but the one time he slipped, it resulted in a goal, the only goal of the match.

Jang Suk-won - 7/10

The centre back had a relatively good game, keeping out the threat of former Melaka man Ifedayo Olesugun, only to inadvertently knock a rebound from his goalkeeper's save into his own net.

Shukor Adan - 7/10

The experience provided by the evergreen centre back was still not enough to help Melaka win, and to stop them from conceding.

Faris Shah Rosli - 6/10

The left back was constantly threatened by the likes of Faiz Nasir and Syahmi Safari down his flank, but the only goal of the match ultimately did not come from his side.

Ramzi Haziq - 5/10

The right wing was not an effective presence for the hour or so he was on the pitch, and was taken off after they went behind.

Dominik Balić - 7/10

The midfielder's deliveries from the middle of the park after Melaka trailed allowed them to push aggressively for the equaliser, unfortunately their forwards were misfiring until the final whistle.

Safiq Rahim - 6/10

The former Malaysia international underperformed somewhat against his former team, all his free kicks nowhere near their intended targets.

Nazrin Nawi - 6/10

The winger was a dangerous presence in the visitors' danger area throughout the match, but his finishing deserted him on Thursday.

Patrick Reichelt - 5/10

The Mousedeers star scorer was practically marked out of the game, with even the diminutive Selangor winger Faiz Nasir seen jostling the Philippines international a number of times deep in his own half. His poor marking of Endrick dos Santos allowed the Brazilian to have a go, one which resulted in Selangor's goal.

Luka Milunović - 6/10

The striker threatened the visitors' goalmouth a number of times, but ultimately could not keep his shots down or past the defence.


Deevan Raj - 6/10

The story of the night was the hosts' inability to be clinical in front of the goal, and it was best exemplified by the winger's performance. Introduced as a fresh pair of legs after they went down, Deevan used the advantage he had over the tired Selangor defence, but could not make the chances he had count.

Faizal Muhamad - NA

Late change who could do little to help Melaka turn the game around.


Khairul Azhan Khalid- 8/10 (Man of the Match)

Still a nervy pair of hands, but the difference being the custodian was able to keep a clean sheet in the match, only the Red Giants' fourth clean sheet of the season.

Khairul Azhan. Photo by Sports Regime

Syahmi Safari - 7/10

Another slightly below par performance by the Malaysia right back, but a brilliant last-ditch tackle by him during a stretch when Melaka kept coming at them helped the visitors keep a clean sheet, and come away with three points from the tough away fixture.

Taylor Regan - 7/10

The centre back did not look as confident as he had been previously, yet the opposite happened; Selangor did not concede for a change.

Michal Nguyen - 7/10

Combining better with Regan and the other defenders, the centre back helped keep out all of the hosts' attempts.

Kanadasan Prabakaran - 7/10

The left back should have done better defensively especially towards the end of the match, but one of his forays up front resulted in his involvement in the only goal scored in the match.

Sarkunan Krishnansamy - 7/10

Returning to the starting line-up for the unavailable Halim Saari, the diminutive midfielder helped the visitors control the middle of the park, especially in the first half. But he dropped off the radar somewhat in the second, and was substituted with the more defensive-minded Latiff Suhaimi.

Endrick dos Santos - 7/10

The midfielder continued his slight dip in form in the Malaysia Cup, not looking as lively as he had been in the final stretch of the league, but still did enough to force the hosts to score an own goal.

Faiz Nasir  - 7/10

Still finding it difficult to combine well with his teammates, the winger wasted several opportunities. He however made up for it defensively, helping mark the usually-dangerous Reichalt out of the game.

Sandro da Silva - 7/10

He was not as threatening as he had been on a night Selangor's combination in the final third still suffered, but smartly managed to help them slow the game down by keeping the ball near the touchline towards the end of the match, forcing the hosts to knock the ball out of play for throw-ins in the visitors' favour.

Syazwan Zainon - 7/10

The winger continued his good run in the competition, his space-opening short pass to Prabakaran ending in the only goal of the match.

Ifedayo Olusegun - 6/10

The striker had an off night, unable to hit the target and to keep the ball up to allow his teammates to swarm up the pitch.


Latiff Suhaimi - 6/10

His introduction provided the visitors with a fresh pair of legs and composure in the back to run down the clock, after they were constantly attacked by the hosts who were pushing for the equaliser.

Sean Selvaraj, Amri Yahyah - NA

Second half substitutions who only managed to help Selangor hang on to their lead, despite the massive roles they had played the last time they were at the Hang Jebat Stadium, earlier in the season.

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