Pato: Maldini knows I'm ready for AC Milan return

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Pato Barcellona MilanGetty

Orlando City star Alexandre Pato says he is ready to return to AC Milan should technical director Paolo Maldini ever call.

Pato played for Milan from 2007 to 2013, bursting onto the scene with the club to become Brazil's next big star.

Although his career has taken him to clubs like Corinthians, Villarreal, Tianjin Tianhai, Sao Paulo and now, Orlando City in the years since his departure, Pato says he misses Italy and that he would like to return to Milan.

What did Pato say about Milan?

“I feel well in Orlando and I have a contract here, but Maldini knows that I am ready [to return],” Pato told Gazetta dello Sport.

“I am more mature, I have a different attitude towards football and I could be more useful for young players.

“I miss Italy and the Italians. I always tell my wife: ‘One day, I’ll bring you to Italy and you’ll understand what I am talking about.’

“To me, Milano was a fundamental city. I’ve learned many things and I miss everything about Milan. I’d like to return to the club. After all, there are many players of a certain age in Serie A.”

Pato in Milan

The striker originally joined Milan in January 2008, scoring 63 goals in 150 appearances.

After a bright start to life in Serie A though, Pato was hit heavily by injuries, eventually leading to his departure from the club.

Reflecting on his career in Italy, Pato says he does have some regrets and he wishes he had his parents around to help him deal with the hardships he faced in Europe.

“The club gave me all they could," he said. "I love Milan, but I was alone in difficult moments. I was very young when I arrived. My parents spent some time with me, but then they returned to Brazil. Had they been with me, I would have received more support.”

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