New kind of challenge for Armed Forces' Sharzizi

Armed Forces FC
Malaysian Football League
Many Malaysian footballers are involved in the effort to combat the spread of Covid-19, including Armed Forces' Sharzizi Azmi.

Many Malaysian footballers are involved in the effort to combat the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, including Armed Forces FC defender Sharzizi Azmi.

While his playing duty for the army side in the M3 League had to be put on hold during the government-mandated nationwide movement control order (MCO), the defender is currently assisting the enforcement side of the order.

As a member of the Malaysian Royal Navy, Sharzizi has been assisting the Malaysian police's MCO enforcement efforts throughout Kuala Lumpur.

"My wife is a nurse and she too is rarely at home these days, so our family time has been limited. But we both understand that we have our duties to Malaysians in combating the outbreak.

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"So far, the members of the military have no trouble assisting the police, and we have not faced any major issues. There are members of the public who remain obstinate, so we have to be strict in ensuring that no one leaves their homes as they please.

"If we remain committed together in fighting the spread, I believe everything will be back to normal and all the teams will be able to return to action.

"We are now in second place after all, so we want to pick up where we left off. But for the time being, the priority is the well-being of the public," explained the defender in an interview with the Malaysian Football League.