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Juventus fan tattoos club logo on his back... a day before it is changed completely

16:55 GMT 20/01/2017
Juventus logo
Kevin Prota proudly sported some new body art for all of one evening before he found out the traditional design would be abandoned for a new crest

Juventus' abandonment of their traditional logo for a new design was not well received by Bianconeri fans - but few were as inconvenienced as one supporter named Kevin Prota.

That's because Prota had, just a day earlier, made a permanent commitment to his favourite club... by getting the existing crest tattooed on his back.

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"For me Juventus is a passion, a feeling," Prota told Vice in Italy. "One day I found myself thinking how I could make the bond even stronger, and I said to myself: 'Why not get a tattoo of the logo?'

"And in the end I did it! I have not thought much about other people's thoughts, the body is mine - I think I am allowed to tattoo something that belongs to me."

Unfortunately for Prota, the ink had barely dried when he found out that his new body art was now a thing of the past.

"I found out by chance," he added. "I received a message from a friend in a Whatsapp group saying to me, 'Kevin, look, Juventus have a new logo!'

"At first I did not want to believe it, I thought it was one of those p***** on the internet.

"[On Tuesday] morning, when I opened the app that I use to keep me updated on the team's news, however, I realised that they really had changed the logo.

"After a moment of disbelief I was able to laugh, so what's done is done. Also, my right shoulder is still free, so there is still room for the new emblem. I honestly prefer the old, but I'll have no choice but to get used to it."

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Prota did, however, have a simple request for Juve president Andrea Agnelli in advance of any future major announcements.

He joked: "Andrea, next time maybe do an interview before [the announcement], give me a call, write me a letter or send a fax so I might wait a moment and not be behind the times."