JDT not the cause of Malayan Tigers' decline, says FMLLP CEO

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FMLLP CEO Kevin Ramalingam has come out in defence of Malaysian champions JDT, recently accused of causing the Malaysia national team's decline.

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One day after a former Malaysia international has come out saying that Malaysian champions Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) are the cause of the Malaysia national team's decline, the CEO of M-League organiser Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) has hit back at the opinion, saying it is an ill-informed opinion. 

On Thursday, former Malaysia defender turned-vocal critic of the Malaysian FA (FAM) Jamal Nasir Ismail told Berita Harian that the Southern Tigers' penchance of signing Malaysia internationals has resulted in the players' drop in performance, as most of them become benchwarmers instead of key players at the club. 

This dip in turn has caused the national team to perform poorly in the past few years, explained Jamal. Earlier this week, Malaysia dropped to 170th in the latest FIFA ranking, just four spots higher than its lowest ever position.

On Friday morning, FMLLP CEO Kevin Ramalingam, who is currently in Spain along with a delegation from FAM and FMLLP for a work visit to the La Liga organiser and Spanish club Rayo Vallecano, took the time to respond to Jamal's claim, in an interview that was published on FMLLP's social media.

"Personally, I find the comment ill-informed. When Spain were knocked out early in the European Championship, did people blame Real Madrid? If Germany's form drops, is it the fault of Bayern Munich?

"The reality is, leagues with a dominant team or a small group of dominant teams (Germany, Italy, Spain, France) have achieved more success than leagues with a larger number of clubs vying for the title (England). That's a fact.

"In my opinion, no domestic club can be blamed for the fault of the national team. Yes, the league has to provide a platform for the players to grow, but the performance of the national team must be judged separately from the league. Just take a look at the English Premier League, which is considered one of the most profitable and exciting leagues in the world," remarked Kevin.