Interview with: JSSL's Venetia Lim

Goal Singapore speaks to one of JSSL's promising young female footballers

In this interview, Goal Singapore spoke to one of JSSL’s top female footballers. Venetia Lim has been with the renowned academy since the age of four and has continued to develop with JSSL.

More recently she was granted the opportunity to train with Arsenal Academy U15 Girls due to JSSL’s partnership with Arsenal. Goal Singapore interviewed her to find about her stint with Arsenal and her future plans.

1) Firstly, how has JSSL helped in your development as a footballer?

I have been with JSSL since I was four. JSSL has guided me a lot. Their professional set-up has allowed me to bloom as a footballer greatly. (Additionally) their organisation of leagues and tournaments gives me greater exposure as I get to encounter different types of players and sets of plays.

Coach Gavin Lee, my own coach has also been important as he believed in me and taught me important lessons which allowed me to be better.

2) You recently trained with Arsenal Academy U15 Girls through JSSL’s partnership with the club. How was the experience like?

It was really good because most of the girls there were exceptionally talented and that motivated me to be as good as them.

Also, the coaches there were really nice and were willing to share tips for my personal development.

3) What were some of the tips you picked up during your stint in England?

Honestly I am not a physical player and so over there, the coaches at the Arsenal Academy taught me to be physical without drawing fouls.

(Moreover) they showed us how to move into spaces and keep thinking ahead.

4) What is difference between training with Arsenal and in Singapore?

Over there in England, the pace is much quicker and more intense as compared to in Singapore. Thus, it tremendously improves my thought process as I need to be much smarter and be physically stronger as the girls are much more physical over there.

5) What are your future plans with regards to football?

I want to continue playing with JSSL and hopefully to get onto the next level with the national team setup and if there is any opportunity that comes up overseas, I will be willing to try my luck there.