Ilso pleased with the win but thought Kedah could have won by a bigger margin

Ken Ilso continued his scoring streak with a strike against Perak that sealed Kedah's qualification to the next round of the FA Cup

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Ken Ilso Larsen has made taken the smooth option in transitioning into Malaysian football from across the Causeway. The Danish forward has scored five goals in the Super League thus far but his strike against Perak was his first in the FA Cup competition. 

Speaking to Goal after the match, the former Guangzhou R&F player was delighted with the win but like any professional, remained self-critical and wanted more out of the game from a personal level.

"I'm happy but we could also have scored more than we did. I think we did good in keeping off the pressure. But myself would've liked to have scored one more. But all in all, when you go here and win against Perak, you have to happy," said Ilso.

Ilso went on to point out where Kedah won the game. In a game of few chances, Ilso noted that it was vital for his team to get the opening goal for the impact it gives to both sides. 

"It's difficult to play against Perak as they are strong in counter-attacks. They were also strong in putting pressure. It was important we got the first goal, it gave us a little calmness at the back. In a game where it's all or nothing, it meant they had to step up. Which gave us more space to operate and that's what we got," explained Ilso.

There were a few fracas in the match, most notably involving the likes of Fitri Omar against Zaquan Adha as well as between Liridon Krasniqi and Faton Toski. But for Ilso, it's part and parcel of the game and the players just have to accept it and do their jobs.

"I don't know [if there were too much aggression in the game due to heightened emotions] . i think there should always be emotions in a game like this. You can also hear the crowd, they both wanted victory. It's difficult when you're in the game, you get a little of the emotions from the outside. It's transferred somehow to the pitch. I think it was alright," added Ilso.

Thousands of Kedah fans travelled down to Ipoh for this knock-out match and paired together with the support of the home crowd, there was not a single empty seat at Perak Stadium for this match. An atmosphere that Ilso described as something special.

"It's amazing. It's so important for everyone on the field to feel the tension from the crowd. When you win, then it feels more amazing. Because you stand and celebrate with the fans afterwards. There were so many Kedah fans, it was unbelievable," enthused Ilso.

While some of his team mates goes off with their national teams, Ilso can look forward the three weeks break in relaxed fashion working on his rest and recovery, knowing full well that he can look back at his first few months with Kedah as a successful one.


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