'I call my luggage Neymar' - Cantona trolls Brazil ace again

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Eric Cantona has passed judgement on Brazil star Neymar – and it appears that the Manchester United legend is not impressed.

The ex-France international star has regularly voiced his opinion on the latest footballing matters in a light-hearted manner in recent years.

His gaze has been cast upon the 26-year-old  Paris Saint-Germain star, who has faced accusations of playacting in the opening phase of the World Cup, which Brazil negotiated with two victories and a draw against Switzerland.

Cantona, meanwhile, echoed such sentiments.

“This is my new luggage: I called it Neymar,” the Frenchman said, placing a yellow suitcase onto a table. “Because of the colour, but mainly because of this: you barely touch it and it turns round and round for hours. 


My new luggage... #thecomissioneroffootball

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“By the way, Neymar, you are a great player and a great actor. But be careful with the continuity mistakes. If you’re hit on the right shoulder, you can’t be crying in pain holding your left cheek!”

Cantona has passed comment on Neymar on several occasions previously. Last autumn, he said he had “no idea why” the Brazilian had joined PSG , while he trolled the striker’s hair earlier in the competition