Gerard Nus: We want to build something special at NorthEast United

NorthEast United vs Jamshedpur
The new Highlanders boss is hoping to see local talents perform at the highest level...

NorthEast United's newly-appointed head coach Gerard Nus believes he will be able to integrate talented local players into the Indian Super League (ISL) sooner rather than later. 

Nus, who succeeded Croatian Robert Jarni who parted ways with the club during last season's league campaign, feels the Highlanders have been able to assemble a squad with a good mix of young and experienced players.

"I am happy with the roster that we have and the new players that we are bringing. We have a solid mix of experienced and young players. We want to build something special," the Spaniard told Goal.

"We will have a clear identity of play and will fight for every single ball until the last minute of each game. We will create an environment where we will get the best out of every player, making each other better every day. I am confident that with the help of our supporters, we will achieve all of our goals."

Gerard Nus

While NorthEast United has struggled to achieve success on the field in the last few seasons, the region they represent has consistently produced exciting talents for clubs and the national team. Nus is confident that he will be able to make full use of the talent pool available locally and promote hot prospects to the first team. 

He said, "I am aware of the talent that this region has, and I am a big believer in providing opportunities to the players that work hard and deserve to be on the field. I do not think it is difficult to get young players into the first team; it all comes down to finding the right time and give them the confidence that they deserve.

"It is a  beautiful process and my coaching staff and I will do our best to help them develop because it is not only important for our club but also for the progress and improvement of the Indian football," he concluded.