'Fufa, hurry up, suspend me!' - Police FC's Kasingye alleges Vipers SC influence referees

Asan Kasingye Police FC 2021
Asan Kasingye.
The chairman has made a number of controversial allegations on social media

Police FC chairman Asan Kasingye has called on the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) to suspend him after alleging the referees for the Friday game against Vipers Sports Club were corrupt.

Kasingye stormed onto the pitch when their goalkeeper Derrick Ochan was red-carded after what looked like he handled the ball outside his area. Police, who have been on a good run, were reduced to 10 men and ended up losing 3-2 to the league champions.

Ochan was sent off by referee George Olemu after consultation with his assistant Juma Osire.

"The world must know about Vipers and their relationship with referees," Kasingye tweeted. "I am now waiting for my suspension. That will be my highest achievement ever in managing a
UPL team for 30 years. Fufa, hurry up, suspend me and enjoy your referees' antics!

"Let it come even now. Are they not late? This is going to liberate the clubs that fear to talk out. Vipers will do it again. In the near future, you will remember me. In fact, I am setting a legacy in Uganda’s football that will transcend my physical life on earth."

The move to send off the goalkeeper infuriated Kasingye, who in a number of tweets, alleged Vipers have always had a questionable relationship with referees.

"I know how they operate. I know. The little respect I had for you Vipers is all gone," added the visibly angered chairman. "This is the order of the day for Vipers. It’s too much. We can’t keep looking on as they rape the beautiful game. Someone must stop this madness. Corruption in football has gone beyond and Vipers, together with your hired refs, shame on you.

"As of now, focus on me. This matter of corruption in the game of football is a huge elephant in the room. StarTimes pays referees their share of the sponsorship money. Why do they engage in shameful activities?"

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Kasingye further alleged corruption has infiltrated the Ugandan game and states the time to deal with it is now.

"I have been in football for long," explained the chair. "I am normally a cool person and when you see me like this, then enough is enough. Remember, I was the director of Interpol and directed investigations into corruption in football in 2016. Some communication officers need to shut up!"

"In 2015, the Uganda Cup headed to Kyamate grounds in Ntungamo.  Referee Robert Downey does the unthinkable and he was banned in July 2015. Do Ugandan referees learn? We have discussed these things at the board. It’s high time I came out. I don’t mind if I stand alone. Posterity will absolve me."