Five Questions with PKNS' Faris Ramli

Faris Ramli, PKNS FC
Goal Singapore speaks to PKNS' Faris Ramli to find out the Singaporean's secret to his red hot form at the moment in Malaysia

He continues to dazzle audiences across the causeway with his performances for Malaysian side PKNS this season, especially with his red hot form at the moment.

For now Faris Ramli can do no wrong as he was also on hand to help the Selangor Selection side defeat the Singapore Selection players to take home the 2018 Sultan of Selangor Cup which once again highlighted that this is a player who is in the form of his life.

Goal Singapore spoke to the twinkle-toed magician to find out the secret to his current form and more.

1)Faris first of all, tell us what has been the secret to your red hot form at the moment?

 There is no secret, hardwork is all you need. If your attitude is right, somehow things will go in your way. You must believe in what you do. And of course I’m a little bit excited about becoming a daddy soon and that’s one of the main reason too. Working hard for the family is always my priority.

2)Explain to us what has playing in Malaysia done for you. How has it improve you as a footballer?

It has taught me to be more independent and professional. I have learned alot of things this past few months. I hope I can maintain this way and keep on improving as day goes by.

3)What are some of the qualities a Singaporean footballer needs to succeed playing in a league such as the MSL?

Firstly, you need to get your basics right. Then comes your composure, nerves will get the better out of you but you need to know how to control it. Lastly, hardwork and discipline.

4)You have played in Singapore and Malaysia's leagues? Explain to us which is of a higher level?

Both leagues is tough. Basically the difference between both leagues is just the crowd. The fans will make an impact to a game and that’s where I felt it will give one more excitement and moral boost for the players to perform at a higher level.

5)Lastly for the AFF Championships in november, do you think playing in Malaysia has boosted your chances of making it into Singapore's squad?

If the head coach selects me, I will continue in doing what I do best and if he doesn’t, I will continue to work hard as per normal.