'Don't tarnish Mokhtar Dahari's memory'- Selangor fans issue reminder as response to retro-inspired new kit

Selangor 2021 home kit, Mokhtar DahariSelangor FC

Selangor FC became the first Malaysian league club to launch their kit for the 2021 season, when they announced their home kit for the coming season on Monday evening.

The Red Giants' latest home strip is based on their iconic 1986 Malaysia Cup final jersey, which is still being reproduced and worn by the fans in recent years.

While the match ended in a 6-1 win for Selangor over Johor and their 27th Malaysia Cup title, what was perhaps more historic was the fact that it was also the last match in a Red Giants shirt for Selangor and Malaysia legend, the late Mokhtar Dahari.

Mokhtar Dahari - Malaysia legend (2)

Mokhtar had turned out for Selangor a total of 375 times, scoring a total of 153 official goals. Just five years after retiring from Selangor, the striker would pass away at the age of only 37 due to motor neurone disease.

The kit retains the red, green and yellow base of the original strip, with green being the official colour of the Crown Prince of the state of Selangor). More interestingly, even the positions of the club crest and kitmaker's emblem have been retained. The Selangor crest sits on the right of the chest while Joma's logo across it, opposite of how they have been placed in recent years.  

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Posted by Selangor FC on Monday, 1 February 2021

However, several minor changes have also been made. The collar is smaller, while a red and yellow quarterly has been introduced where the collar meets the chest. The yellow portion of the kit now sports the watermarked pattern of Spanish cherry, the official flower of the state of Selangor.

But the legend that is remembered through this kit, Mokhtar is immortalised on the back just below the collar; a rubber imprint of his facial silhouette and facial hair.

However, the tribute does not end with the jersey. Alongside current and former Selangor players, the promotional material for the strip also features one of Mokhtar's son, Reza Mokhtar, who reminisces about his father briefly in a promotional video.

The new home kit can be purchased through the club's website, with the player edition priced at RM109. The fan issue of the kit will only be released after the Chinese New Year according to the club, and club team card holders will receive a 10 per cent discount on their purchase.

While their fans have responded positively to the new strip, one group has also issued a reminder to the club board in response. On their social media, their ultras, Ultrasel have reminded the club to use their history to build a more successful future, and to avoid tarnishing Mokhtar's memory by not playing well in the coming season.

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"History must be remembered in order to motivate us to create future glory. So we ask; what are the vision, mission and direction of the club board/ownership for the near and far future, after the privatisation initiative?

"The board, players and coaches must remember that when they put on the Mokhtar and 1986-inspired kit, they now have the heavy responsibility to not besmirch the jersey's honour. You must now ensure that your performance exceeds and surpasses our past glories.

"What use is reminiscing about past successes when the path of the future is dim, and illuminated only by the lights we have passed? We must build a more successful future, Forza Grande Selangor!"