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Crystal Palace chief Guyett reveals Zaha’s ‘incredible’ recovery ability

21:25 BST 09/06/2021
Wilfried Zaha Crystal Palace 2020-21
The Eagles boss has explained many characteristics that distinguishes the Ivory Coast international from his contemporaries

Crystal Palace head of sports science Scott Guyett has revealed Wilfried Zaha’s ability to recover quickly from injuries and pain.  

The Ivory Coast international’s style of play, dribbling to open up defences, have made him prone to injuries and has suffered different problems in the past including shoulder, hamstring and most recently a groin injury, but has managed to get over them, returning to action before the expected time.

He was the second-most fouled player in the Premier League in the 2020-21 season and ended the campaign with 11 goals and two assists in 30 league games.

Guyett has been working with Zaha for some years and has revealed several abilities that distinguishes him from others.

"He probably does, Wilf. I mean I've known Wilf for a long time now. Probably the best athlete I think I've ever worked with,” Guyett told Football London.

"I don't know what it is but he's just, he's got this ability to just keep going and keep going. He has an incredible aerobic capacity so he can run.

"I think he could be a sprinter or a long-distance runner. You know a lot of players have one or the other, they're a sprinter or they're a long-distance runner whereas Wilfried can actually do both very very well.

"And the thing with Wilf is he just loves playing football, so when you're going into that rehab process, Wilfried very often doesn't really want to do it. He just wants to be out there playing five sides with the boys.

"So Wilf is one of those that - [an injury that] would take sometimes a player three to four weeks to get back - Wilf would get back in two weeks, two and a half weeks.

"I think it's an incredible ability and sometimes I just think Wilf has a very, very high pain threshold."

Zaha has been influential for Palace for the past few years, helping them to avoid relegation a number of times.

The forward has been linked away from Selhurst Park and recently revealed his desire to leave the club before pre-season.

Last summer he also made several attempts to leave Palace in his quest to join a top European club but a deal failed to materialize.