Coronavirus: Uganda and Motherwell star Mugabi opens up on lockdown frustration

Bevis Mugabi of Uganda and Motherwell.
Daily Record.
The Uganda Cranes defender admits he is missing kicking the ball after the Scottish league was suspended owing to the Covid-19 pandemic

Uganda defender Bevis Mugabi has stated he is frustrated with the lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus.

The Cranes star, who features for Motherwell in the Scottish league, admits the situation is a tough deal and he has to find new ways to keep himself in shape, in case the call to return to action comes sooner rather than later.

Motherwell are vying with Aberdeen for a Europa League place but it remains to be seen if the Scottish Premiership season will restart in the summer, despite Uefa’s deadline to finish the campaign by June 30.

“I want to play games, I don’t want to sit on the bench, I want to play as many games as I can,” Mugabi is quoted by Daily Record.

“I want to work hard, and hopefully that opportunity will come, whether the season starts back up again or next season, who knows. I’m just looking forward to it when it does.

“It’s a shock to everyone, not just footballers. Everybody who is working and their families, it’s just a lockdown and nobody expected it to happen, so it’s a new experience for everyone and nobody is really prepared for it, but within the football side of things, it’s frustrating.

“You’re back home, training by yourself, trying to keep yourself as fit as possible with the resources that you have, but the gym is now shut, the leisure centre is shut, so you just run by yourself in the park and just stay as sharp as possible.

“I’ve been doing my circuit training, things to recover, reading a few books, trying to keep myself mentally active, and just doing whatever it takes. There is always a positive and a negative situation, so I just have to look at the bright side.

“The club has been really good, giving us programmes to follow, and that’s what we’re doing currently, so all the boys can go back in good condition.”

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Mugabi confirmed he is staying at home in London and keeping safe with the family.

“I’m back at home in London now, with the league being postponed, so I’m with why family and housebound, to be honest, so just trying to take all the precautions to make sure we are safe at this moment.

“Nobody knows what is going to happen, we just have to sit it out over the next couple of weeks.”