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Chilean side miss out on promotion after shoot-out replay protest

17:13 GMT 27/12/2017
Vallenar 2017
The Segunda Division side were incensed when the original tie-breaker was abandoned and decided to boycott a bizarre replay

A play-off to settle promotion to Chile's second tier ended in farce after one of the clubs involved refused to take part in a replayed penalty shoot-out.

Deportes Vallenar opted not to show up for Wednesday's shoot-out against Deportes Melipilla at La Portada Stadium in La Serena, with the latter granted promotion as a result.

Vallenar won 5-4 on penalties last week after the two legs of the Segunda Division play-off failed to produce a winner.

During the shoot-out at the end of the second leg, match referee Eduardo Gamboa allowed an illegal Vallenar penalty to be retaken - Juan Silva stopped his run-up and feinted before striking the ball into the bottom-right corner.

As a result of the official's incorrect decision, the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) ordered a replay of the spot-kicks.

Vallenar were angered by the ANFP ruling and elected not to take part, with Melipilla instead declared winners of the tie.

Following the decision, Vallenar announced their intention to stage a protest at La Serena's Plaza de Armas later on Wednesday.