'Chiellini, I want a gorilla!' - Evra fires up Juventus before Champions League final

HP Patrice Evra Juventus
The veteran left-back is desperate for his former side to become European champions and has sought to fire them up using his social media account

Patrice Evra has sought to fire up his former Juventus team-mates with one of his trademark high-energy videos.

Ex-Juve star Evra will watch his former team-mates tackle Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Cardiff on Saturday and has offered many of his former colleagues individual motivation before the big game.

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The Marseille defender, 36, singled out Gonzalo Higuain, Paolo Dybala, Mario Mandzukic, Leonardo Bonucci, Dani Alves, Alex Sando, Giorgio Chiellini, Sami Khedira and even coach Massimiliano Allegri. 

“A little boost before the big match. I want you all at your best. I really wish for you to win this Champions League. I will love you forever,” he said.

"Captain, are we there or not? Gigone!

"Dio santo, dio santo, dio! Max, calm down, calm down. Gonzalo will put it away.

"Paolo, I want the mask! I don't know where you put it. But don't annoy me! Score a goal, score a goal like you do.

"Mandzukic, don't eat anything for a week before the game. No good, no good, terrible for a warrior.

"Bonu, I don't know if you've cleaned your face and your teeth. I want you like a soldier like always.

"Dani, gioca bonita, gioca bonita. 

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"Alex, I want you like a train. Back and forward, back and forward, like I do it.

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"Chiellini, I want a gorilla. Nothing passes. 

"And after, guys, don't make me cry, please.

"I know, I know, Sami!"