Chama: Yanga SC to report Simba SC’s Manara over transfer row

Daily News.

Young Africans (Yanga SC) have now threatened to lodge a complaint with Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) against rivals Simba SC’s Haji Manara, for meddling with their club matters.

According to Daily News, Yanga are not happy with the Simba Information Officer’s claims the Jangwani Street team Vice-Chairman Fredrick Mwakalebela is trying to use the Clatous Chama transfer deal to win back hearts of GSM bosses after weeks of confrontations.

Simba have been on Yanga's neck with the ongoing transfer saga involving Chama, which has seen the former driving the latter to TFF and the issue is yet to be resolved.

Manara said Mwakalebela is trying to paint a good image to the club's kit sponsors GSM because he was previously one of the officials who were demanding clarity on their sponsorship deal.

Manara’s comment came when he was responding to the recent Chama transfer rumours made by Mwakalebela, insisting he did that to win the trust of GSM.

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“I know he is under pressure from GSM that is why he decided to come up with such controversial claims. I am sure he [Mwakalebela] will be the next person to quit the club,” Manara was quoted saying.

Yanga reacted angrily through their social media networks, demanding Manara to produce evidence on his claims.

Yanga deemed Manara’s claims as if they were meant to incite a crisis at their club.