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Qatar's 'Challenge 22' winning app SnapGoal aiming to unite football fans

09:50 BST 18/05/2019
SnapGoal founder Al Kilany
The CEO of SnapGoal spoke about how the football-based social media app is different from the standard social media apps ...

Qatar’s tagline for the 2022 World Cup - Deliver Amazing - isn’t just about their breathtaking stadiums, innovative cooling technology or the likes, it is about leaving a lasting, social, economic, technological and human legacy.

In 2015, after Qatar won the hosting rights for the 2022 event, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), came up with a unique concept of ‘Challenge 22’ which is an innovation award challenging the creative and technological minds to find solutions in certain sectors which have been identified as ‘challenging’ by the organizers.

The idea was to cultivate the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the region, thereby getting every strata of the society to engage with the spectacle of the World Cup.

Facebook is a strategic partner for Challenge 22. Some of the top venture capitalists, incubators, innovators as judges and mentors.

The 2017 winner of the Challenge 22 was Entrepreneur Mohammed Al Kilany, the CEO and founder of SnapGoal, an innovative social media platform. Palestinian-Jordanian Al Kilany is excited to watch his application make a name for itself in the world of social media and football.

The start-up aims at bringing the fans of particular teams closer by allowing them to customise the content on the app based on their preferences. SnapGoal is a social media platform for football fans, allowing them to view and post photos and videos up to 15 seconds long. In addition to winning Challenge 22, SnapGoal was a finalist in the MIT Arab Startup Competition and the World Summit Awards.

Al Kilany claimed that the motivation for the app stemmed from the need to appreciate the fans, who form an integral part of football.

Speaking to Goal , the CEO revealed the features of the app and how it’s different from other social media platforms.

“We are passionate about football from before creating SnapGoal. We believe that the excitement surrounding football does not start and end with the whistle, it’s around the clock enjoyment.

“Before the game, people try to put themselves in the shoes of the coach, provide insights and share laughter. During the match, the emotions go up and down. After the match, they are either on the winning team or deactivate their Facebook to avoid embarrassing comments.

“Football is the more popular sport because it is about the people. It is about bringing them together. We created SnapGoal to capture these moments and appreciate the fans – the reason football is so important.

“We wanted to create something for football fans and by football fans. Because of the spread of social media, there is a need for people to be the creator of content. Before winning the Challenge 22, we looked around and thought that the customers needed something to express themselves,” he said.

The option to customise the content based on the user’s preferences separated SnapGoal from the generic football and social media apps, according to Al Kilany.

“We are different from other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat because we are personalised. In SnapGoal, you can choose your favourite team and you can connect with what we call football community, in terms of your favourite team and the people you like and whose views you care about.

“SnapGoal makes sure that all like-minded people are on the same platform. This is what makes us different form other social media apps and other traditional football apps,” the SnapGoal CEO concluded.