'Cats Lives Matter' banner flown over Anfield as Kurt Zouma plays for West Ham against Liverpool

Cats Lives Matter Liverpool West HamGetty Images

Kurt Zouma's recent cat-related scandal was brought up again on Saturday as a banner poked fun at the West Ham United defender from the skies above Anfield.

Zouma has become a regular target for opposing supporters since a video of him kicking a cat came to light.

And some Reds supporters looked to target the centre-back during Saturday's Premier Leauge match, with boos being heard as well as inflatable cats being spotted in the stands.

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Zouma targeted from the stands and skies

The defender was fined by West Ham and faced widespread condemnation when footage of him abusing the animal appeared, and opposing fans are determined to make sure he does not forget the misdeed any time soon.

A plane flying above Anfield carried the message 'Cat Lives Matter', a play on the Black Lives Matter anti-violence campaign.

Zouma also faced opposition in the stands, with plenty of signs, inflatables and chants directed his way.

Cat inflatables Liverpool West Ham Kurt ZoumaGetty Images

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