Bumbuli: Simba SC should warn their fans against provoking Yanga SC fans

Simba SC fans in Tanzania.
Simba SC.
The Wananchi fans have been accused of engaging in vices that might affect peace in stadiums

Yanga SC communications officer Hassan Bumbuli has hit back at Simba SC fans for provoking Wananchi, leading to the violent acts witnessed at the weekend.

A section of the Young Africans SC fans beat and ripped the jerseys of some of the Wekundu wa Msimbazi fans who had made their way into the Jamhuri Stadium in Morogoro to watch the game between them and their hosts Mtibwa Sugar on Sunday.

The incident has been condemned across the board but the official has come up with an explanation of what happened.

"Simba should warn their fans on how to conduct themselves when they attend Yanga SC games," Bumbuli told reporters.

"On many occasions, Simba fans come into the stadium with intentions to provoke our fans and annoy them. You cannot always put up with provocative gestures.

"How will you take it if a person comes into your home and says he is there to ensure you do not sleep well? It is the same case with Simba fans, they come into the stadium to ensure Yanga do not win which is dangerous."

The leaders have also been asked to desist from engaging in behaviour that is not civil against their rivals.

"As club officials, we should avoid abusing each other and saying things that can annoy the fans of the rival team," Bumbuli added.

"When officials do this, the fans start hating each other and end up causing unsporting troubles."

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) condemned the acts, stating hooliganism has no place in football.

Earlier, the Federation reacted stating it was an act that might affect the peace enjoyed in the game in the Tanzania stadiums.

"TFF condemns the unsporting acts by a section of Young Africans fans of beating Simba SC fans during the [Tanzania Mainland League] match against Mtibwa Sugar played on September 27 at Jamhuri Stadium, Morogoro," the Federation said in a statement obtained by Goal.

"TFF curses the uncivilized incident which might affect the peace enjoyed in football in all stadiums."

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The Federation has further revealed their optimism that action will be taken against the perpetrators.

"The hooliganism acts have no place in football and should be condemned by every fan," the statement added.

"We believe the respective authorities will take necessary action against those involved in the vice."