Baroka FC's suspension of Kerr very disappointing – Ex-Gor Mahia coach Williamson

Dylan Kerr coach of Baroka FC, March 2020
The coach was temporarily stopped from his job especially after helping Bakgakga beat eventual title winners Sundowns and avoid relegation

Former Gor Mahia and Harambee Stars head coach Bobby Williamson has condemned Baroka FC for suspending Dylan Kerr.

Kerr was suspended following his ‘I know my job’ remarks after he led Baroka to a 1-0 win against South African champions Mamelodi Sundowns in August.

The PSL club suspended the former Gor Mahia and Simba SC coach for alleged insubordination as his relationship with chairman Khurishi Mphahlele is understood to have gotten worse.

“I meant to say Kerr has been successful in that club. He beat the best teams to stay in the league and the thanks he gets is the suspension and I find that really disappointing,” Williamson told Goal.

“He is a good coach who has proven himself.

“Chairmen around the clubs are the person who should be telling the people underneath him what to do and guiding the team. But for the chairman to ask the coach what to do is wrong.

“If I feel like I should attack then I should watch out my defenders to make sure they are at the right place at the right time in case of a breakaway. 

“I do not think chairmen look at those things they just watch and should be there enjoying football. They should not tell the coaches what to do. Yes, the coach is answerable to the chairman but that is after the game not during the game.

“Even coaches like Jose Mourinho, Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and any other top coach at least do not listen to their chairmen during the game. Before or after the game that is the only time you are accountable to them where you tell them what your plans are and how you are going to do your job.

“It should not be during the game, I find that very disappointing.”

The former Uganda coach picked tactics as an example of why the coaches should be let free to perform their work independent of influence from outside figures.

“If I ask the chairman how do we defend the corners, I don't think he knows,” added the tactician.

“Personally, I will field a man at the post and make sure there is another at the edge of the box and in different areas just to make sure we are alert in case opponents take a short corner.

“I do not think the chairman will see that and I do not think many fans will actually see that too.  Each has their job, the chair is there to direct the club and coaches are there to coach, look after the players and also make sure he gets the best out of them week in week out.

“Chairmen do not know that. They do not know how players are physically training and why the coach picks a certain player.”

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Kerr’s assistant Matsemela Thoka is currently in charge of the first team.