Argentina vs Brazil - Kerala couple's World Cup themed wedding photoshoot

Different Point/Aneesh Thrithalloor
Thrissur-based newly married couple Roshan and Monisha are on cloud nine after their World Cup-themed wedding photoshoot went viral on social media...

The football-loving state of Kerala has been grabbing the headlines during the 2018 World Cup for all the right reasons. Argentina and Brazil have always had a special bond with Keralites and a couple from Thrissur, an urban agglomeration in central Kerala, has taken it up a notch. 

Roshan and Monisha hired a studio named Different Point based in Thrissur for their pre-wedding photoshoot. And as is the case these days, these photoshoots ooze creativity and tend to attract a lot of praise from families and friends. But little did the couple know of the remarkable final result that awaited them.

Argentina Brazil Kerala photoshoot

Roshan is seen in the famous yellow kit of the Brazil national team whereas his wife Monisha is flaunting the legendary blue and white colours of Argentina football team. Interestingly, both of them have used printed jerseys with Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr getting the nod ahead of the plethora of superstars from both the teams.

Argentina Brazil Kerala photoshoot

The couple hired Aneesh Thrithalloor, who works at Different Point, to formulate a plan and execute it to perfection. And the result was an 'Argentine' bride and a 'Brazilian' bridegroom battling it out on a muddy field in Engandiyur, a small village in Thrissur. 

"Aneesh called us and informed us about his idea on the first day of the World Cup. And we said okay! The idea for this came from Aneesh," recalled Roshan when asked about how the idea of an Argentina-Brazil photoshoot came to mind. 

Argentina Brazil Kerala photoshoot

"The moment he told us about the idea, we were interested and felt that it was an interesting concept. Thereafter, we hurried to collect jerseys and a football and make this a reality. It was rainy during the shoot and the kick needed a few takes. Overall, the shoot was over in a couple of hours. It was shot on a field near my house."

The well-taken photos were an instant hit on social media, something that pleasantly surprised Roshan. "We never expected it go viral. Never in my life did I think such a thing would go viral. Once we saw the result, we guessed it would be welcomed by our friends and family. I don't think such a thing would happen again in my life!

Argentina Brazil Kerala photoshoot

"The timing of the wedding shoot is what helped it reach a wider audience. The World Cup fever in Kerala along with the support for Argentina and Brazil is what helped our photoshoot."

Photographer Aneesh echoed Roshan's thoughts and said that the biggest tournament in the world of football was in his mind when he searched for unique ideas for his new client. 

Argentina Brazil Kerala photoshoot

"Since this is the season of the World Cup, I wanted to do something with that. And the client is someone who has played football and is an ardent lover of the sport. So I let them know of the concept and the response was affirmative. 

Argentina Brazil Kerala

"We worked hard to do it right. The camera and the flash were always wet due to rainfall but I am so happy that it became a hit," concluded an elated Aneesh, who after his latest viral hit, is set to get busier during the wedding season.