All hat-tricks scored in I-League

Odafa Okolie Mohun Bagan ACSandip Saha

In 2007, the National Football League (NFL) was rechristened to I-League. A whopping 71 hat-tricks have been scored in 13 editions with Odafa Okolie leading the pack. The Nigerian has 13 hat-tricks to his name whereas, Pedro Manzi has the record of scoring most hat-tricks in a season for Chennai City. 

Goal takes a look at all those instances. 


On six occassions a player scored three goals or more in this season. Felix Chimaokwu's hat-trick for Salgaocar came in a losing cause as the greens went down 5-4 to Mohun Bagan. 

Player Name Against Match Result

Eduardo da Silva Escobar (JCT)

East Bengal


Odafa Okolie (Churchill Brothers ) East Bengal 3-2
Felix Chimaokwu (Salgaocar) Mohun Bagan 4-5
Odafa Okolie (Churchill Brothers) Salgaocar 1-5
Ranty Martins (Dempo)  Sporting Goa 4-1
Odafa Okolie (Churchill Brothers) Mahindra United 4-2


In this campaign, Okolie scored two hattricks and in the home match against Vasco, he netted six goals. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Odafa Okolie (Churchill Brothers) Vasco 1-4
Mboyo Iyomi (Dempo) Churchill Brothers 3-3
Odafa Okolie6 (Churchill Brothers) Vasco 9-1


Out of four hat-tricks this season, Muritala Ali tallied two. While Baljit Sahni became the first Indian to score three goals in a match in I-League. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Baljit Sahni (JCT) Shillong Lajong 5-1
Muritala Ali (Mahindra United) Salgaocar 4-1
Muritala Ali (Mahindra United) Air India 4-0
Odafa Okolie (Churchill Brothers) Chirag United 2-4


10 hat-tricks were scored in this season. In the match between Mohun Bagan and Pailan Arrows, one player from each team scored a hat-trick and the match ended 5-4 in Bagan's favour. Whereas Ranti Martins and Beto both scored thrice against Air India to thump them 14-0. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Odafa Okolie4 (Churchill Brothers) Mumbai FC 1-5
Odafa Okolie5 (Churchill Brothers) Pailan Arrows 6-0
Mandjou Keita (Pune FC) JCT 4-0
Anil Kumar (Viva Kerala) Air India 7-1
Jeje Lalpekhlua (Pailan Arrows)  Air India 5-2
Tolgay Ozbey (East Bengal) Air India 3-0
Jeje Lalpekhlua4 (Pailan Arrows)  Mohun Bagan 4-5
Muritala Ali (Mohun Bagan) Pailan Arrows 4-5
Ranti Martins6 (Dempo) Air India 14-0
Beto4 (Dempo) Air India 14-0

Ranti Martins


A dozen hat-tricks were scored in this campaign. The most in a single season to date. Odafa Okolie, Tolgay Ozbey and David Opara scored two hat-tricks each. Opara's hat-trick against Sporting Goa was special because it is to date the only hat-trick scored by a player after coming on as a substitute.

Player Name Against Match Result
Odafa Okolie (Mohun Bagan) Pailan Arrows 1-3
James Moga (Sporting Goa) Salgaocar 4-2
Joshimar (Prayag United) Pune 5-1
Tolgay Ozbey4 (East Bengal) HAL 1-8
Henri Antchouet (Churchill Brothers) Shillong Lajong 6-0
David Opara (Churchill Brothers)  Sporting Goa 5-0
Odafa Okolie (Mohun Bagan) Churchill Brothers 2-3
David Opara (Churchill Brothers)  Chirag United Kerala 4-0
Rohit Chand (HAL) Pune FC 4-6
Gbeneme Friday4(Mumbai FC) HAL 5-1
David Sunday (Chirag United Kerala) East Bengal 3-4
Chinadorai Sabeeth (Pailan Arrows) Chirag United Kerala 0-3


Goals continued to flourish in this season as well. Once again 10 hat-tricks were scored with Ranti Martins and Odafa Okolie scoring two each. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Ranti Martins (Prayag United)  Air India 5-1
Akram Moghrabi (Churchill Brothers)  ONGC 5-0
Odafa Okolie (Mohun Bagan) Sporting Goa 3-1
Ranti Martins5 (Prayag United)  United Sikkim 10-1
Bineesh Balan (Churchill Brothers) Sporting Goa 8-4
Chidi Edeh (East Bengal) Salgaocar 1-4
Koko Sakibo (Dempo) United Sikkim 7-0
CK Vineeth (Prayag United) Air India 1-4
Odafa Okolie (Mohun Bagan) Sporting Goa 1-5
Josimar (Salgaocar) United Sikkim 9-0

Pedro Manzi Chennai City


With the best strikers in the twilight of their careers, only four hat-tricks were scored in this edition. Neither Odafa nor Martins scored a hat-trick in this season. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Ogba Kalu Nnanna (Sporting Goa) Shillong Lajong 5-1
Tolgay Özbey4(Dempo) Churchill Brothers 1-4
Yusif Yakubu (Mumbai FC)  Churchill Brothers 4-2
Cornell Glen (Shillong Lajong) Mohammedan Sporting 4-5


Out of the six hat-tricks scored in this season, two were struck by Indians. Thongkhosiem Haokip and Seityasen Singh scored for Pune FC and Royal Wahingdoh respectively. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Thongkhosiem Haokip (Pune FC) Shillong Lajong 5-2
Ranti Martins5 (East Bengal) Dempo 1-5
Seityasen Singh (Royal Wahingdoh) Salgaocar 4-2
Cornell Glen (Shillong Lajong) Bharat FC 3-1
Cornell Glen (Shillong Lajong) East Bengal 5-1
Odafa Okolie (Sporting Goa) Pune FC 4-0


Three hat-tricks were scored this season with Martins scoring two of them. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Ranti Martins (East Bengal) Shillong Lajong 4-0
Darryl Duffy (Salgaocar) DSK Shivajians 2-3
Ranti Martins (East Bengal) Aizawl 2-3


Once again, only three hat-tricks were scored in the season with CK Vineeth notching his against Mumbai FC. 

Player Name Against Match Result
C.K. Vineeth (Bengaluru FC) Mumbai FC 3-0
Wedson Anselme (East Bengal) Minerva Punjab 0-5
Bektur Talgat Uulu4 (Churchill Brothers) Chennai City 6-1


Dudu Omagbemi scored the solitary hat-trick in this season. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Dudu Omagbemi (East Bengal) Chennai City 7-0


A certain Pedro Manzi arrived in Chennai City and he scored four of the six hat-tricks this season. Chennai City went on to lift their maiden championship. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Pedro Manzi (Chennai City) Indian Arrows 4-1
Willis Plaza (Churchill Brothers) Shillong Lajong 4-2
Pedro Manzi (Chennai City) Shillong Lajong 6-1
Pedro Manzi (Chennai City) Gokulam Kerala 3-2
Pedro Manzi (Chennai City) NEROCA 3-3
Laldanmawia Ralte (East Bengal) Shillong Lajong 5-0


In the last edition of I-League, three hat-tricks were scored. 

Player Name Against Match Result
Aser Dipanda (Punjab FC) NEROCA 3-2
Pritam Singh (NEROCA) TRAU 5-0
Fran Gonzalez (Mohun Bagan) NEROCA 6-2