Paris Saint-Germain Promise To Help Erdicate Violence After The Death Of ‘Yann L’

PSG’s very survival has been placed under question after the recent violent incidents at the Parc des Princes, which have prompted a great debate in l’Hexagone...
A Paris Saint-Germain supporter has passed away following an injury sustained on the day of les Parisiens’ clash against fierce rivals Olympique de Marseille, and the club have promised to take measures to help prevent such incidents in the future.

Known only as 'Yann L', he sustained what proved to be fatal injuries on February 28 and had been on a life support machine. He was recently declared clinically dead but only on Thursday did the news break that his fight for survival had finally been lost.

There has been a swift reaction to this news from several parties, most notably the club. PSG will now play all of their next three fixtures behind closed door, according to France Football. These include Saturday’s trip to Nice, a midweek Coupe de France visit to in-form Auxerre and their next scheduled home match, which is against Boulogne-Sur-Mer.

Interior Minister for France, Brice Hortefeux, encouraged AJA to shut their gates for the midweek encounter, and the Boulogne club obliged. “After consultation with the FFF (Federation Francaise de Football) and Auxerre and PSG, I called the prefect of the Yonne to make an order to close the doors on the cup game,” he said.

“This measure is consistent with the decision of the LFP [Ligue de Football Professionel] to play the league games between Nice-PSG and PSG-Boulogne in private.”

PSG are a club with a notoriously volatile fanbase, and les Parisiens were quick to release a statement this morning on their official website.

“PSG would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Yann, whose death has been announced,” the club’s memo began.

“Again and again, the terrible behaviour of pseudo-supporters has created a drama that plunges the club, its directors, its shareholders, its players and its management, its employees, partners and supporters into real sadness and meditation.

“We hope that the perpetrators of this crime are arrested and charged.

“PSG will take the decisions necessary to reduce violence around the Parc des Princes.”

Speaking to the press later in the morning, club president Robin Leproux echoed those sentiments, stating: “It must be that Yann did not die in vain. That’s what I told his family.

“We must move forward and make big decisions to reduce violence around the Parc des Princes and at away games. We will continue to take measures that will certainly be unpleasant for some of the fans but are absolutely necessary. We need to put these people out of stadiums and far from football.”

Leproux concluded by reminding the media that “40,000 people present at the Parc des Princes... behave very well”, arguing that simply closing stadiums is not the way forward.

French Secretary of State for Sport Rama Yade was firm on the matter of violence surrounding the Parisian side when she explained to the press: “This is the club's survival that is at stake.”

PSG have already suspended relationships with supporters groups and have announced that they will not be selling any tickets for away matches until the end of the season at the earliest.

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