Fergie: I have every faith in Moyes

The retiring Manchester United boss pays tribute to his successor, confident that the outgoing Everton manager has what it takes to prove himself at Old Trafford
Incoming Manchester United manager David Moyes has the work ethic and integrity to succeed at Old Trafford, believes Sir Alex Ferguson, who will retire at the end of the season following 26 years in charge.

Speaking at the club's end-of-campaign award ceremony, the Red Devils legend feels that the outgoing Everton boss will be able to handle the trials and tribulations of managing at the top.

"I know David is hard working and has an integrity about him," declared Ferguson.

"He has a work ethic about him and he is a serious football man. I think those are the important qualities he is going to need.

"It is not always a golden path of riches. You have hard days and difficult days. Especially with the losses, you definitely have to sacrifice and persevere.

"He has got a perseverance about him – look at what he has done at Everton, 11 years without any tremendous financial backing but he has persevered with it and created some decent teams in the last few years."