Reginald D. Hunter hits back at critics after controversial PFA speech

The American comedian has defended his comments at Sunday night's Player of the Year awards after using the word 'n*****' several times on stage in front of a star-studded crowd

Reginald D. Hunter believes his comments made at the PFA Player of the Year awards have been taken out of proportion and insists his critics are just looking to take another swipe at football.

The comedian created a storm on Sunday night after using to word 'n*****'  on several occasions during a speech which also made fun of the Suarez-Evra incident.

There had been rumours that the PFA were looking to be reimbursed for the fee they paid for the stand-up, but Hunter has denied those rumours, speaking at his show at Cheltenham hall on Thursday evening.

"First of all I had a nice time at the gig," said Hunter. "I stayed two or three hours after it was over and if anybody was mad they didn’t say anything.

"They have not asked me for the fee back but I want to say in return that I will happily exchange the fee in return for the rights to air the footage of the show we recorded.

“I use the word n***** quite a lot. I ain’t trying to hurt anybody, I ain’t trying to make a statement or reclaim it because it was a white invention but it’s just how I feel most comfortable referring to my friends."

The PFA expressed disappointment with Hunter’s set, and chairman Clarke Carlisle was said to be embarrassed by the act and offered an "unreserved" apology to anyone offended by the comedian’s words.

But the American Hunter has launched a staunch defence of his remarks, and insists they were not in any way racist.

“This whole issue about anti-racism and the n***** word, I didn’t do anything different than I have been doing. But all of a sudden these people who want to control people through anti-racism laws get upset,” Hunter continued.

“This controversy is not about me, it’s not even about racism. It’s about trying to control men through the sport that they love to the point of religion. For if you control a man’s religion you control him.

“Football has been under attack for a while and I’m just the latest tool that they are using so they can say “football is f**** up”.

'”Just because someone uses the word n***** doesn’t mean they are racist in the same way they if they don’t use it they’re not racist.”