Chelsea defender Luiz determined to prove doubters wrong

The 25-year-old's performances have seen him described as being "controlled by a 10-year-old with a Playstation" and the Brazilian concedes the criticism gets to him
Chelsea defender David Luiz has admitted that he has been moved by criticism of his performances but is nonetheless determined to silence his doubters.

The former Benfica stopper has been slammed for clumsy performances in the past but has flown out to Japan with the Blues squad, as they look to put a disruptive season behind them in the Club World Cup.

“At a big club when you have bad moments sometimes, you need to be strong,” Luiz told The Daily Mirror.

“No one likes criticism. It’s natural. It gets to you and you don’t like it. I’m not happy about it and I do care because this is my job.

“You ask yourself, ‘Why are they saying this? I tried my best, why can’t they see I’m trying?’

“So you can have these moments where you’re down, but you can’t let them last long. They have to pass.

"If you can’t take that, work at another job.”

The 25-year-old’s displays have seen ex-Manchester United defender and television pundit Gary Neville describe the Brazilian's performances as if he were "controlled by a 10-year-old on a Playstation", but Luiz thinks he is only singled out as he plays for a major club.

He added: “If I played for a club in the middle of the table, I could make mistakes in games, three or four times, and no one would notice because the analysis is not at the top level.

“But when you play for a big club, they analyse you at the top level. Every little mistake is highlighted. And if you don’t work every day, others guys will - and they kill you.

“I can be sad for one or two hours, but the rest of the day I need to be happy because the team needs me to be positive. My brain needs it. I need it.

“When you experience difficult moments, I know I’m strong enough to change things and move on.

“I know my personality and what it’s taken to get me here at Chelsea. It’s just another moment to be strong.”