Extra Time: Tevez causes mass panic as music fans fear for the life of Black Eyed Peas member

When the striker held up a banner revealing the statement "R.I.P. Fergie", pop lovers all over the world scrambled to determine the status of a completely different individual

Has Carlos Tevez not given the world enough grief this season that he has to put out a planetwide scare that one of pop music’s most overrated prized possessions had passed away during the Manchester City’s title parade?

Stood aloft the team's open-top bus amongst thousands of adorning fans, the Argentine striker takes it upon himself to take a banner from the crowd and proudly display the words "R.I.P. Fergie" whilst on national (if not global) television.

Now, you knew, just as we did, that the 28-year-old and his Blue Peter-esque 'Here’s something we made earlier' placard was in reference to the player's former manager at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, there were, let's say, a select group of individuals that did not put two and two together and immediately cradled themselves in fear that the Black Eyed Peas superstar darling that is Stacy Ann Ferguson – known affectionately as Fergie – had indeed popped her premature clogs.

This, of course, caused mass panic in the land of Twitter, with fans all over the world desperate for answers on the current condition of their beloved pop princess.

But rest assured, the millionaire footballer was merely relating to a 70-year-old man from Glasgow with tendencies to speak his mind once in a while.

You have to wonder what Tevez might do next to instill such dread into the hearts of music lovers the world over.

Extra Time has him down at 10/1 that the striker will next target king of self-promotion Will.i.am or could it even be apl.de.ap (pronounced Apple de ap) and therefore inciting terror into Coldplay fans that singer Chris Martin’s daughter had somehow fallen victim to death’s prickly scythe.

Regardless of his next move in the business of shaking the world over, here’s the reaction to the news that Tevez’s latest debacle was far from related to the lovely Miss Ferguson:

Louis Seller ‏ @LouisSeller1
Panicking because I saw RIP Fergie trending and assumed one of the Black Eyed Peas had died #thankgod #panickover

Top Funeral News ‏ @topfuneralnews
OBIT: Black Eyed Peas Singer Fergie Alive and Well After Mistaken RIP Twitter Trend

Rezki Annisa Taufik ‏ @kikindsky
RIP Fergie Black Eyed Peas --» just a rumor !!! She's ok now.

Emily ‏ @Em_24
Oh good RT @GossipCop "RIP Fergie" Does NOT Refer to Death of Black Eyed Peas Singer


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