Joey Barton's clash with Gervinho leads to heated Twitter exchange with Jack Wilshere

The two English midfielders both have their say after the ugly incident in the Newcastle-Arsenal match, with the Gunners starlet criticising the Toon man's conduct
Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has waded into the row surrounding Newcastle United’s Joey Barton on Twitter, leading to a heated exchange between the two after the game.

Barton got involved in a fracas with Arsenal’s Gervinho, leading to the latter being sent off on his Premier League debut, and Wilshere went online yesterday to criticise the Newcastle midfielder.

Wilshere first wrote on his Twitter account: “I think @joey7barton was in the wrong today! He should not have got invovled and assaulted Gerviniho like that #justsaying.

“Maybe Gerviniho should not have reacted like he did as two wrongs dont make a right but barton was unprofessional!.”

Barton then responded to Wilshere, saying: “@JackWilshere Nah, what about Song? Did u miss that?”

This then led Wilshere to say: “@joey7barton that is a form of assault my friend it should not happen on a football pitch!”

Barton then responded: “@JackWilshere hardly assault??”

The conversation ended here, and may lead to further criticism for Barton’s use of social media, on which he has alluded to wanting to leave Newcastle United after contract negotiations broke down.

Barton was also criticised for his conduct by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after the match, which ended 0-0, but was defended by Newcastle manager Alan Pardew, who says that Barton is merely a “character.”