'Scout' Claiming He Was From Arsenal Tried To Tap Up Fabio & Rafael - Report

The unnamed Brazilian scout wanted to take the twins, now of Manchester United, to the Gunners without telling their club at that time, Fluminense...
According to a report in the British tabloid The Sun, Manchester United's Brazilian twins Fabio & Rafael da Silva have revealed that an unknown Brazilian 'scout', alleging that he represented Arsenal, tapped them up around three years ago when they were 15 years old.

The full-backs belonged to Brazilian club Fluminense at that time and had already been allowed to train with the Red Devils with a view to a permanent move.

However, the unidentified 'scout' attempted to persuade the pair to just up and leave for the Gunners without notifying anybody, much to the youngsters' alarm.

"We were not too happy with the way he approached us," Rafael is quoted as saying.

"The scout said he was from Arsenal and invited us to come and train. At that time we had already been to see Manchester United and train once with our club’s permission.

"But this man wanted to take us to England and say nothing to Fluminense. We disagreed with that principle. Fluminense was where we started, we had been there for years and they looked after us."

Fabio added, "It was upsetting. We could have signed there and then and taken all the money and Fluminense would have got nothing.

"But our mother said, ‘No, Fluminense have been good to you. You went there when you were 11. I want you to do everything right’.

"So we said we would sign for Manchester as it would be the best thing for us and Fluminense. So we signed and ignored the man pushing Arsenal."

The report stresses that there is absolutely no evidence that the 'scout' was a representative of Arsenal.

Ricky Brooks, Goal.com