FA chief Dyke keen to test video replays

Fifa have announced a delay over any new aids to referees over concerns with the technology, but the 67-year-old feels a pilot scheme would be beneficial to the game
Football Association (FA) chairman Greg Dyke is keen on the use of video replays in English football.

Fifa officially delayed trials of the new technology earlier in the week over concerns the required systems are not up to grade.

Dyke accepts that the world governing body can veto any push forward, and understands the need to be patient with reforms to the game, but feels the introduction of the technology will serve as a positive.

"I would very much like to do a pilot in the UK," Dyke told reporters. "Fifa can stop us doing a pilot in the UK.

"I can understand that everybody thinks we should not rush into change and that we should do it slowly, which I think does make sense, but you have got to do pilots to see what does work and what doesn't.

"If you could help that referee with video technology, then you should.

"We see these figures and they tend to suggest referees are not having a bad season but obviously there are still mistakes inevitably and they get highlighted. That's life."