Rodgers: I want to coach in Spain after Liverpool

The Northern Irishman hopes to stay at Anfield for "20-odd years" to fulfil his ambitions with the club, but is keen to broaden his horizons in La Liga in the future
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed his ambition to one day coach in Spain.

The Reds boss spent time in the country to learn and observe during his managerial education and is keen to go back once he has done everything that he wants to do at Anfield.

Rodgers is adamant that he could happily stay at Liverpool for "another 20-odd years" but would like to broaden his horizons eventually.

Asked by AS where he seems himself in five years, the Northern Irishman replied: "I don't know ... I hope one day to work in Spain.

"I've studied Spanish but I need to improve. I'll probably improve when I work in the country one day. For most people, when they travel to a country their language becomes better. I speak to the Spanish players that we have in Spanish.

"I'm only 41, which is very young, and there are lots of things I want to achieve here at Liverpool. It's an incredible club and I hope to be managing here for another 20-odd years.

"One day, hopefully, it can take me to Spain and I can experience a wonderful country, culture and, as I said, some wonderful football club.

"I spent a lot of time in Spain and Holland," Rodgers added. "I was enthused by clubs that had the link and the association from the base through to the top. I also love the Spanish way of football, the domination and control of the ball.

"I spent a lot of time travelling, went to various clubs. I spent time in Sevilla looking at the club's development of young players and to Barcelona, Valencia and obviously to Madrid.

"Those were the main clubs that I went to look at and then, of course, going to lots of games. I enjoy going out to Villareal, a beautiful little place, wonderful club that has done really great for a number of years now."