Bosingwa apologised after fine, says QPR boss Redknapp

The R's boss revealed that the Portuguese full-back offered an apology after he was fined two weeks' wages for refusing to take his place on the bench
QPR boss Harry Redknapp revealed that Jose Bosingwa aplogised to him after refusing to take his place on the bench against Fulham.

The former Chelsea defender was fined two weeks' wages for his behaviour and was publicly criticised by his 65-year-old boss after defeat to West Bromwich Albion last weekend.

“Yeah, he apologised to me when I fined him two weeks wages!", revealed Redknapp.

"You know what football’s like – you can’t tell me in any shape or form that that sort of thing can be right at a club that is bottom of the league, playing Fulham and you haven’t won a game all season.

“You pick a team and have a meeting and say: ‘Some of you are going to be disappointed today lads but you’ve done nothing wrong. We’ve all got to stick together so let’s not have anyone moping around the dressing room.’

“’If you’ve got a problem come and speak to me on Monday and I’ll explain why I picked the team.’

“So you don’t expect someone to knock on your door two minutes later and say: ‘I’m not sitting on the bench’.

"I can’t have it really.”

Speaking ahead of his side's clash against Liverpool, Redknapp also took time to praise Luis Suarez, saying the Uruguayan striker could be a contender for the Player of the Year.

He added: “There are a lot of people who don’t like Suarez, but as a player he is right there. He could play for any team in the world.

“He gives everything – effort to start with and he never stops working. Then he has fantastic skill, great ability. He has the other side of him but no defender has an easy game.

“They have to be on their toes for 90 minutes. When he loses the ball he is like a little kid, he chases the ball to get it back. That enthusiasm, he’s fantastic."