Manchester City's Mario Balotelli's off-field antics inspire composer to write an opera about his life

After frequently hitting front and back page headlines, the Italian is to have his life story made into a musical courtesy of a local composer and 'biggest City fan in the world'
Manchester City's eccentric striker Mario Balotelli has divided opinions with his off-field antics, but now his moments of madness or "gifts from heaven" as they have been described by composer and fan Patrick Knowles are being transformed into an opera.

Knowles is planning to compose a jazz opera based on Balotelli's life and believes that it has the potential to be a massive success as well as boosting people's opinion of the controversial Italian.

“By normal standards he’s crazy but people haven’t had his experience. He was abandoned by his birth parents," the composer told the Manchester Evening News.

“Now he does things like go to a casino with Chris Samba and hands some of his winnings to a tramp.

“You couldn’t write this kind of thing. It’s a gift from heaven.

"To put that to music would be amazing. It could be the biggest opera since Jerry Springer. It’s going to be enormous.

“I believe this guy is going to be the biggest thing since Cassius Clay.

“I don’t think there’s any bad blood in him. I’d hope to improve the image of Mario Balotelli."

Knowles, who has already composed a piece of music entitled 'Balotelli - Why Always Me' believes he can relate well to Balotelli, describing the Manchester City striker as "confused".

“I think I understand him better than most people because of our backgrounds and the way our brains are wired," he added.

“Creative people see something extraordinary in him that we can turn it into something real.

“I was born into a working class family and my dad died when I was five months old. I relate to him very well. I know what it’s like to have that.

“He’s confused – I’ve been there. He’s got a creative side.”

Balotelli has netted eight times in 14 games so far this season, but has frequently hit the headlines for his behaviour off the pitch. The latest report involving the Italian claimed he arrived at John Rylands Library on Deansgate and stunned staff by paying everyone's fines.

Other reports have ranged from the striker driving around Manchester dressed as Santa handing out money over Christmas to setting off fireworks in his Cheshire mansion causing a reported £400,000 worth of damage.

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