Arsenal’s Robin van Persie speaks of Rotterdam upbringing as son is hailed as a ‘natural’ footballer

The Netherlands international reflects on his first steps into the game as a youngster, while his father, Bob, praises the ability of the striker's 'talented' son

Arsenal captain Robin van Persie has revealed that he used to have "a couple of thousand" shots a day when playing football growing up in Rotterdam.

The Netherlands international, speaking in a viral video for Adidas with his son and father, spoke of how he used to practice to become a professional footballer.

Van Persie said: “When I was about eight years old, I didn't really have a powerful shot, especially in my left leg. One particular game was goal to goal and the main thing for us was just to shoot.

“We had maybe a couple of thousand shots a day, and that's why I got that strength in my left foot. I started to play in the cage when I was two or three years old, I could barely walk.”

Van Persie moved to London in 2004 for €3.2 million from boyhood club Feyenoord.

He has spoken of the pride he has in his career and the special relationship he has with his son, Shaqueel, but says there is no pressure on him becoming a footballer.

He continued: “I played mostly when I was around 13 years old and for me that is where it all started.

“Football can give you everything. Ask one kid what he likes, and that is football.

“So I am very proud of myself, and I look up to him [Shaqueel], which makes me feel special and he looks up to me so it is good.

“I'm happy for him to be what he wants to be.”

Van Persie's father, Bob, added: “Shaqueel is very talented too. He is a natural at the game."