Arsenal's Robin van Persie backs technology for goalline and offside decisions

The Dutchman points to the use of Hawkeye in tennis as evidence that football could benefit, and says mistakes like Frank Lampard's disallowed World Cup goal are frustrating
Arsenal striker Robin van Persie says he would like technology to be introduced for goalline and offside decisions.

The Dutchman admitted he was not sure how to implement technology effectively for offside decisions but backed the Hawkeye technology used in other sports for goalline controversies.

Speaking to the club’s official website, Van Persie said: “I would have technology for the offside rule but I’m not sure what.

“Because it’s ruled by a human and humans do make mistakes.

“Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not.

“I remember scoring a goal against Chelsea when I was one metre offside but last season I had two goals disallowed that were onside.

“In the end, I think it will be 50/50 with your luck and you have to deal with that.”

The forward was clearer on the matter of goalline technology, pointing to the success of the Hawkeye system in tennis as a reason it could work in football.

“I would like to add a camera on the goalline,” he said.

“I think it would be a good idea to have a Hawkeye, like in tennis.

“Every team should have one option in each half to use the Hawkeye to see if the ball is over the line or not.”

“Frank Lampard had a goal disallowed at the World Cup that was at a very crucial point,” he added, referring to the infamous goal that was not given in England’s 2010 second round match against Germany.

“It was clearly a goal and when things like that happen, it’s very frustrating.”